Come let me sing to you again my love
Let me play a silent symphony as we walk through the green fields
Let the birds chip and crickets sound your praise
For fairer you are than the brightest star

I’m remorseful for my unconscionable passion
I’m ashamed and words fail me to express
How distasteful I now consider my actions to be
Hormones and emotions threatened to rip me apart

I fell prey to the attractive seductress Katrina
Her full lips enticed me and I stumbled
I neglected all endearments I once had whispered in your ears
As we lay on the field that night star-gazing

Let me curse the day I became game for her ravenous antics
Let My profanities echo in empty valleys
If not for your sake, I would that my eyes be gouged
For by it I slipped into morbid carnality

The Egyptian drapes enticed me
Her silk velvety bedspread clouded my judgement
I was bewitched as the clothe clung snugly to her delicate body
Now I reckon she’s just a mass of violent and wild lust

It has always been you Mon amour
You’ve stood by me through my hurrahs and ahas
Managed my frailties, pardoned my inordinate desires
In you I perceive insight, in you I find empathy

Let me be yours and you mine once again
Give me a chance to put a smile on your face afresh
Let us mend the broken walls humbly I plead
Let your heart be mine lest I die weary

The speech that proceeds from your mouth mean the world
The truth in those words clearer than the purest of crystals
Let me hold your hands again my beauty, my love, my queen
Our laughter in unison shall set the world on fire.



FURY OF THE RAMBLER ( A sequel to agony of a rambler )

What audacious words fill your mouth?
It spills so freely like water from a broken cistern
A clutter of repugnant rigmaroling gibberish!
Oh, how dare you?

Such guts you’ve got to chant your repulsive libretto!
You subjugate infidelity to triviality
So quickly you forget how we started
The oath of obeisance we pledged

The dog who lusts after fresh meat
In roving and roaming will get lost
Ears deafened to the hunter’s whistle
It gets trapped without reprieve

Those flattering lips on which you plant kisses
Will suck you dry till you’re broken in pieces
For by means of an harlot,
A man is reduced to a crumb of bread!

I was always there for you
Tried hard to satiate your bizzare cravings
But no one is perfect, my dear
That you also must remember

Your vision is clouded by the veil of lust
Her heart bleeds for wealth not love
All she craves are those minty papers
Oh man, get wisdom, get understanding!

That you may heed my advice
Before Katrina catches up with you
And we start patching broken pieces
When she trumps her joker

Take my words with no brevity
For the truth I see I speak
Judgement soon to you will be meted
The gong of truth have I have sounded.


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1. Corruption has built her house; She has carved out her thirty-six pillars.
2. She has slain the masses; dined with the leaders and established her lasting dynasty under peverse auspices.
3. She has delegated her cohorts, she feigns cluelessness, sits upon the summit of the nation.
4. Whosoever is greedy let him make a stop, as for him that desires vain glory she says to him:
5. Come, taste of my delicacy of mischief which I distribute freely, drink of the cocktail of perversion I have mingled.
6. Forsake the meek and content, be animate and pompous, go in the way of lavish spending.
7. He that is honest dies a pauper, and he that treads the path of due process lives hungry all his days.
8. Rebuke not the greedy lest he detest thee, Blow the trumpet of the insatiable, grease the palms of the ravenous and doors will be open to you.
9. Give authority to the fortunate and he will enslave you, elect the lucky into power and he will take you apart with devious schemings.
10. The fear of the “premier one” is the beginning of wisdom, the knowledge of his cold-heartedness and treachery is understanding.
11. For by struggle and “occupation” shall thy woes and sufferings diminish, by holding them accountable, the length of your days increased.
12. If you are wise, you are wise for yourself; but if you sit back and moan, you will wallow in pain and silence, perish in obscurity.
13. An ignorant fellow is mindless, he is simple and oblivious of what really obtains, he sees not beyond the façade of ineptitude.
14. For he sits back in his lowly chamber, curls up and says to himself: “Que sera sera.”
15. He is akin to a tortoise who retreats into its shell, fails to fight in the most desperate of times.
16. Whosoever is simple let him tread that path. As for him that lacks understanding I say to him:
17. Failure to go into battle initially is sweet, nursing and licking your wounds in seclusion at first gratifying.
18. What you don’t know is that you dig fresh graves for the unborn, more importantly, not an epitaph shall remain after your demise


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A few years back, 2006 to be precise, I stayed behind in school, then Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife along with a couple of others during the easter break and I was forced to witness the parading of a thief in a manner similar to the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, the only difference was they didn’t nail his hands and feet and he didn’t die at the end. Lol. He carried the cross as people lashed at him from all angles, he had stolen a cheap phone and “had to die for his sin.” Some laughed, some poured and splashed water on him and some stood outside their rooms laughing with others shaking their heads. At the time I was amused, not realizing the full implication of what was happening.

Anyone who truly passed through the legendary OAU without running a crash course will know what we refer to as SMS ( Severe Maximum Shishi ). It’s a scenario in which any offender, whether a thief or someone who beat another or someone whocommitted any of a host of other offences you can think of is given a thorough beating by the Students Union and most times beaten ensemble by other students too.

More often than not, such an offender is beaten and paraded around at least seven hostels sometimes in pants alone. For you who doesn’t like seeing violence being wrought at a fellow individual, trust me, it is not a sight you want to behold.

It is common practice, even if it has greatly been on the lowside in recent years in the country, the art of jungle justice I mean. An angry mob beating to the point of death someone who has been caught in the act of maybe thiefry or witchcraft. It gets to a sorry extent that sometimes even little children are not spared and they are sometimes burnt to death with car tires set ablaze around their necks. A societal malady!

Early this morning as I took a stroll, I saw a certain young boy being lynched and memories flooded back of the unsightly incidences. The manner of beating anywhere on his body and anyhow sent shudders down my spine. A big stick was repeatedly slammed on his head by the most angry and menancing of his assailants as he pleaded in vain while others too slapped and pummeled him everywhere. Of course fresh bumps quickly developed on his body and blood started to flow freely from one side of his head. It would interest you to know though that those that made themselves judges and “THE PUNISHERS” in this situation might have committed worse crimes ranging from the fairly pardonable petty street crimes to the unforgivable ones behind closed doors and in stuffy and dimly-lit chambers of child molestations and witchcraft.

I have seen animals fight and they hardly ever inflict serious damage on each other before they come to a consensus that it’s enough. I don’t know what obtains in the jungles because I haven’t been there before but I’m almost sure the domestic animals don’t gang up to inflict serious punishment on one of their kind without giving him a fighting chance irrespective of the wrong he must have done.

The statement rings out through the ages: “The heart of man is desperately wicked” I hope a time will come when we learn to settle our issues amicably, when we do not resort to the use of stones and sticks and guns and bombs and we finally learn to behave in a manner worthy of higher placed beings in the food chain.

Pending that time, please do whatever is within your power to stop the scourge of jungle justice whenever and wherever you see it rear it’s ugly head. Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Whenever you’re in a position in a crowd to inflict bodily harm on anyone, let this echo in your mind: WHO IS WITHOUT SIN SHOULD CAST THE FIRST STONE!


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The drums beat calmly

The rooster crows loudly

Heralding a beginning

Signaling an ending

Sing along

To the lyrics of the song

Say Yay! If you may

It’s the break of day

Stamp the ground

Once you hear the sound

Cos the once sad story

Finally ends in victory

Shout all you can

It shows that you’re human

You’ve endured the test

You deserve the best

Harrowing dreams ended

Beautiful scenes as demanded

The rising in the east

Calls for a feast

The sun’s radiance

A symbol of its brilliance

Banishing the darkness

Evicting all murkiness

Time stills for a moment

Nature makes a statement

The breeze provides its blessing

No longer keeps you second-guessing

No more lurking shadows

All we see are flushing meadows

The evident lushness

Dispelling all wariness

The morning dew

Making all things new

The gentle showers

Beautifying all flowers

The trees sway and dance

Most certainly take their stance

In response to the thrills

That accompany the shrills

Life resumes again

The threat of death has been in vain

As light swallows dark,

Be ready to make a mark

Proclaim it on the rooftops

Establish it on the hilltops

A glorious day is here

The preceding gloom was mere

Endearments fill my lips

As I move my hips

To the sound of music

That has become intrinsic

My purpose is re-established

My fears and doubts banished

My sixth sense is awakened

I am more than determined

I hope when the day is spent

And I retire to my tent

I’d look back and say

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day


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The clarinet loses its tune
Its strings play a distorted melancholic refrain.
The violin and guitar produce differing symphonies
Far apart they now must drift.

What I fear has befallen me
A day I long dreaded has come too soon
A dazzling flower plucked before my very eyes,
His joy merges with her smile,
The iron god sealing their love in an all too familiar caption

He is but like me,
The paths he treaded I still might
But in the middle of a thousand I knew when I saw him
That he had stolen her heart away.

My fists are too numb to put up a fight
For I never did man up to face the throes of rejection
Hence I might not fully deserve an embrace.
My lips and tongue refused to translate d’envie de mon Coeur

My anger is directed at no one in particular and rightly so
Maybe it never was mine to pluck.
The well of self-scorn is rising on my insides
The storm of upbeatness splashing and squeezing likewise
For now I can only muse over what could have been.
I failed to heed the timely gestures,
Now I’m left to moan over “the one that got away”

My heart is broken in a million places
Silently I shed a tear.
My visage tells the whole story;
I simply didn’t take a chance

That which captivated my heart,
Which enchanted the confines of my mind
For the better part of the revolution around the solar prince
Is now almost beyond reach.

For while I was lurking,
Threescore dawns and dusks before my double-dozen,
A moment was frozen in time
And the message is crystal clear.

As I dance to my rhythmless tune,
I hope in one thing only:
The gap might someday be filled
By another worthy to grace her beauty.


Usually, the lines of thought in poems tend to go one way from start to finish. As such rhetorical questions are embedded in the middle of most poems. This poem is an attempt at a response to the immediate last post, a poem titled: “AGONY OF A RAMBLER” Enjoy:


When the moon is high up in the sky
And men give in to slumber
Submit to forty winks, just try
Do not let worry your heart lumber

Together in Rome we did wander
Reliving our best moments together
Truly while we did meander
I said: “I’d never leave you for another”

My attempt to be your all was in vain
What more could I have done?
You hurt me time and again
Since you knew to me you were the only one

Now I ride to freedom
Rove to where I’m wanted
Over another woman I establish my kingdom
Trust me, here I fully am appreciated

I thought about it profoundly
Before nestling in the arms of a new lover
If you must know now I sleep soundly
Bizarre cravings no longer do I cover

I’m immune to your tantrums
I tell you, it is just as you assume
Her smooth calls like the sound of beating drums
In her arms again I resume

On her lips I plant multiple kisses
Her head against my chest.
No more do I have to endure your hisses
In her for love I’ve found a new zest

Speak not to me of bees and gardeners
Our love I did try ignite a spark
But always you took me for a dog that simply does bark
I have no need for thee anymore! That is my sincere answer.


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When the sky is starry
And all sapiens their rest take
My body in consciousness does not tarry
My heart though stays wide awake

Alone in Rome I wander
Nostalgia sets in against my will
Love notes, a honeyed whisper
How we lost it, I ponder still

Toiling and spoiling was my plight
What else could he have wanted
Luscious supper, a nectary night
A path to his heart I thought I parted

In return, wedlock vows waver
Dulcet lover turns assiduous nomad
Deeply immersed in woman palaver
Completely forsaking all he once had

The bulk of man’s thought is somewhat faulty
Tramping substantial to pay superfluous homage
For how do you leave your eighty for twenty?
I guess it’s a malady of men of this age.

Jumping out of bed, scarf fastened around my frame
Let me vent my anger on you viciously
You who embark on endless safaris to hunt a new game
While I await your return patiently

I take you in my arms each time with a warm embrace
After you’ve gone hunting meat for your maiden
And the fragrance of cheap perfume on you I still can trace
Ah! You will purge from that apple which you’ve bitten!

Men are like bees, women like gardeners
We nurture, we tender
You wander, you plunder
What am I to do with thee, I need an answer.

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If I had a pound for every time a bigger girl looked at me and pronounced that ‘you will be fat soon, you’ll see’ I’m sure i’ll be very rich right now.

Contrary to what you think, I’m not angry nor pissed. I’m amused. Seriously, it’s always quite funny to me whenever the statement is uttered in my hearing which I must say is a very frequent occurence. At every instance, I laugh, not to ridicule them but to show I’m unfazed by what they think of me.

I believe we should all love ourselves just the way we are. If you don’t, then please don’t project your low self worth on others.

See the truth is if you are unhappy about something, change it. If you do everything within your power; dieting, eating right and healthy, exercises etc and you still are “bulky,” then embrace it because the bottomline is the size doesn’t matter, it’s your attitude to it that counts.

I know what you are all thinking, “being a skinny girl, it’s easy for you to say.” Actually it’s not. How many times have I gone shopping, ended up buying the smallest size and yet still needed a little adjustment? Countless times! I can’t just buy a dress, decide i don’t really like it and then give it away…to who? Everyone else is like 2 dress sizes bigger.

I could go on and on but the scientist in me would just say it this way: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. To the non-scientists, I’m just saying there are pros and cons to everything. Just embrace it and enjoy it.

Like i said at the beginning, if i had a pound for everytime someone told me I’d stil blow up, i’d be super rich by now. And maybe I would be eating a whole lot of junk and truly be all big now. But the thing is I would be rocking it just like I am rocking this size right now because, size ain’t a thing but a number.

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A true friend is he
That offers a shoulder to cry on
Becomes a boulder to lean on

A true friend is he
That shares your fears and worries
Offers his tears and sorries

A true friend is he
Behind you does not slander
Before you does not bicker

A true friend is he
that goes to the extreme
just so you reign supreme

A true friend he is
that revels in your victories
ever ready to tell your best stories

A true friend is he
that shares his last meal
now this is the real deal

A true friend is he
that takes ones for the team
even when it undermines his dream

A true friend is he
that divides a pie, a loaf, a fish
always ready to share a dish

A true friend is he
that takes a scourge, a whip, a lash
even if it leaves on him one big gash

A true friend is he
when to support does not hesitate
and when you’re high, together with you does levitate

A true friend is he
who knows your weaknesses
yet doesn’t flount his potencies

A true friend is he
that sees in you huge potentials
provides you with relevant referentials

A true friend is he
That mocks you politely
Yet corrects you honestly

A true friend is he
That even when he’s silent
His allegiance is never transient

A true friend is he
That keeps in touch always
Without considering your snobbish ways

A true friend stands by you
Prays for you
Rejoices with you
Is sad for you
Elevates you
Admonishes you
Goes every mile with you
In health and wealth
Infirmity and poverty
That one true friend is always there.

I Celebrate all those friends who’ve stood by me through thick and thin.


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