Speak to me no more!

Hold your tongue lest you be cursed

Make haste to flee from my presence

Be sure your shadow follows as you leave.

These ears your pleas fall on have been deafened by grief

These eyes that see your tears are swollen with sorrow

This body that craved your warmth no longer is stirred by your essence

This heart that once was filled with love for you is broken in a thousand pieces

For years, your luscious lips I painfully resisted

Your sumptuous body tortured me in ways I cannot begin to describe

This is why your betrayal hurts more than death

Your deception burns more than being skinned alive

I’m moved by you no more

Your very appearance repulses me.

You make me sick to the very core

I loved you, I really did

I would have given my body to be burned for you

I would have given my heart in a heartbeat

Yet while I waited all those years

While I prided myself on the prospects of ‘meeting you at home’

You already had been thoroughly blemished

And so cunningly, you deceived me with your false piety.

The wind has blown and the chicken’s anus has sure been exposed

The leg sticks out of the corpse you buried in secret.

Hear the solemn dirge amidst the drums and cymblas just outside this door

Pick your sandals, wear your clothes and swiftly be gone

For when I produce this unstained piece of cloth outside this wooden portal

All that will fall on you will be anger and rancour

Life as you know it will swiftly be forgotten.

My sympathy for you yet remains but a teeny bit

Off you go NENE lest my mind I change.

Beyond the mountains, valleys and waters

I wish not to set my eyes upon you in this life again.

Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

Dedicated to virgins and non-virgins alike in the world all over. 🙂


About oreoluwade

At the peak of the pyramid of knowledge, the truth is always superimposed. In essence, if you seek the truth, follow knowledge to wherever it leads

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