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Last time out we discussed a very important subject involving ‘thinking.’ We considered how the speed of acting on the produce of the mind develops our capacity for relevance.

Today, we will briefly broach a closely related subject: “STARTING FROM WHERE YOU ARE.”

It is common knowledge that the time it takes to attain the pinnacle of achievements or create something worthwhile differs from person to person. This assertion is supported by the ‘different strokes for different folks’ maxim. In essence, each individual has a specific starting point, a platform upon which he must build. As such, it lies upon each person to discover what he can build on and start from there.

History is littered with stories of people who made something of themselves out of an apparent surrounding of NOTHING! Some of these people delved into disciplines they liked from afar but weren’t at the time of starting quite proficient in, some others were old in body but not in spirit at the time of their breakthroughs.

Perhaps our parents didn’t exactly give us the freedom of making a perfect choice of what is in line with our competencies and dreams. Perhaps our prevailing conditions are not palatable enough to make us embark on some extravagant campaign. Perhaps our finances are not fat enough to make us decide to make some stellar investments or stow away some considerable savings. Perhaps our levels of experience remains too shallow for us to be the perfect peg for the hole we desire to fit into . . . Should these things deter us? By no means! In truth, if we let them, then we’re finished even before we are started.

Consider your life a fresh page on which you must write freely on any topic. Make this consideration an ever occuring condition so at every point, you’d be able to identify the things that need be done to stand you out in the crowd.

Believe it or not, you have natural tendencies or at least an affinity for something one way or the other. Your duty is to nurse this desire, fan it into flames. There is no place too little to start. The first step is THINKING of what it is you want to do, the next best step is taking calculated steps and STARTING FROM SOMEWHERE even if it involves volunteer services.

The one who writes himself off because of his inadequacies, or who refuses to take a bold step that will set him on a path of his dreams because of the inconviniences involved will hardly make an headway in any field.

I’ve come across impressive resumes and oppresing LinkedIn profiles in recent times, one thing I consider them to have in common is the fact that the owners started from someplace more basic than one could have imagined. Some of them had to be subjected to ridicule just so they matured from rookies to professionals.

You most definitely aren’t too young or too old to start something that moves you a step closer to stardom. The key is realizing you want to be a force of nature, investigating the fields you can most be relevant in and taking steps to ensure you become adept at tasks in line with those fields.

Always remember, you start with what is in your hand and work onwards from there.

The future is not set, we are what we make of ourselves.

Cultivate a winning mentality, develop the learning spirit of a precocious child.

See you on top.


Oreoluwa Aboluwarin


About oreoluwade

At the peak of the pyramid of knowledge, the truth is always superimposed. In essence, if you seek the truth, follow knowledge to wherever it leads

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