Every invention begins in the mind.

The structures on ground today, the ground breaking discoveries, the high and lofty establishments, the very formidable institutions, laws and guidelines that shape our existence all started in the minds of some people.

What ensured the aforementioned creations are still to be reckoned with is a resolution on the part of those involved to see that their thoughts gave rise to fruitful action. In essence, an idea doesn’t simply yield fruit because it is conceived, it has to be fed and nurtured into full growth. Dreams stay dreams when one doesn’t wake up to act upon them.

The art of thinking at all is a unique one, whatever the thought entails, dark or bright. It can be said that all men think. Yes, this might be true. However, not all men are equipped with the capacity to churn out endless volumes of meaningful thoughts. This is where the amount of information or education one possesses come into play as they shape the mode of one’s thoughts. “Knowledge and acquired insight” is a subject for another day, yet, it must be stated explicitly that those who are committed to devoting themselves to relevants pockets and packets of knowledge will be the likeliest to produce from their scholastic minds, ruminations that will change the face of the world.

While thoughts in their raw form are very important, the frequency of execution or what Boyd refers to as ‘the speed of iteration’ is of utmost importance. (For the sake of being direct, let’s assume we already know who Boyd is. :)) In a world that boasts an incessant exponential growth in human population, it’s only logical that there’s a possibility that every single thought possible to man is being thought of in different places by more persons than one. In essence, whoever, executes his plans or puts his hypotheses to solid experimentation first stands the chance of recognition as well as being given credit for any discovery. His identity becomes attached to what he proposed into existence. This is to suggest that there are more wise old and young heads than you can wrap your imagination around. Hence, whenever a fleeting thought comes to mind, the next speedy sensible thing to do is to determine a course of action, else you’re left in awe at the speed with which another gets the patent for what you think was conceived in your mind alone.

In truth, when you’re not completely sure about how to go about something, the rate at which you take trials and calculated risks should exceed the rate at which you plan endlessly. (See and research Boyd’s law of iteration for further elucidation).

In summary, the mind is the sea of all important discoveries, it is the abyss of incredible innovations. A mind that is stimulated by study, set to purpose by action, encouraged by positive results is a mind that stays relevant. Such a mind is what everyone requires, it is what wise ones desire. The window is short for impact in our momentary existence. As such, one should strive with all one has to ensure one is taking forward strides every now and then in terms of speed and quality of thoughts as well as execution of plans.

The speed of iteration beats how qualitative the actions you take are. Never overstrategize at the expense of acting speedily. My humble self and Boyd happen to share views on this principle. I hope you do too.

Best Regards,

Oreoluwa Aboluwarin


About oreoluwade

At the peak of the pyramid of knowledge, the truth is always superimposed. In essence, if you seek the truth, follow knowledge to wherever it leads

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