I will not patronize you with stories I know nothing about?

I will not make an attempt to show my historical prowress with a compiled comprehensive analysis of the story so far

I will not lay claim to being bitter to the point where I rend my clothes and bite the dust

Nor will I pretend to have mustered all the strength within, ready to lay down my life for the cause or vehemently take the battle to the gates.

The little I know of how things got this bad I’ll say.

The sorrow that engulfs my heart I’d relay.

As the candles are burning low in light and darkness

And the flag is flown at half-mast

I wonder how long it will take for justice to prevail

I wonder whether order will ever spring from this chaos.

Carelessness and complacency many a life has claimed

Violence the equivalent of a generation has wiped out.

Corruption I’m tired of speaking about.

From the moment of my advent into this world I’ve known the road to be rough

Trust me, through the years I’ve seen no respite

Yet we console ourselves with “e-go-better”

The smile and grin never departs from our suffering faces.

We’ve been trodden upon and yet are quiet.

We’ve been mishandled, manhandled and mismanaged yet we fly below the radar

There’ve been moments we’ve stood in defiance

But of course cold water poured on our resolve almost always

In greed our leaders have prevailed

Set themselves upon high places, ruling in oppresion.

The saliva has dried from our lips and our voices are gone

The strength to fight a thing no more

In all these things I try to make sense

Unfairly calamity prevails and yet life must go on.

The good, the bad, the ugly have dominated us

We’ve sighed, we’ve moaned, we’ve crumbled under the burden

Affliction has unified us various times

Ethnicity threatened to tear us apart other times.

Where did it all wrong?

Or perhaps nothing has ever been right

All my life I’ve know intelligence to translate to creativity

Now all I see is devilish intelligence corresponding to stupendous inneficiency and gross incompetence

How can I even begin to explain these things?

Whom shall I share these burdens with?

If I mention names, my pen will run dry

I’d sleep and wake, a fortnight the stories not exhausted.

Ask yourself if truly you believe the solution can be found in supplication

Wait a minute!

In all these things some spew nonsense from their lips

Unbelievable words against the dead

Their deluded beings portraying a macabre sense of humor

Our priorities are forcefully changed by oppressors in high places

Our paradigms shifted to adjust to the harsh dictates of the times

Scams, loots, incredible debacles pollute the atmosphere

Yet they are waved aside incessantly by some deluded fiend

Unspoken of, unmentioned by unworthy rulers.

All is wrong! I dare you to refute my claim.

Daily I hear we should act yet I wonder how.

The channels to effect changes are clogged by the powers that be

No end in sight to their evil dynasties.

Demons are positioned to rebuff a new lease of life

Make no mistake, these demons walk amongst us.

There’s been time for planning and plotting.

There’s been time for praying and fasting.

There’s been time for electing and choosing.

Yet they’ve failed in ways that’d make even the prince of the world proud, nod his head in satisfaction.

There’s much more to be said

My heart sheds a silent tear

For those that have fallen in this battle

As far as I know there’s no singe solution

All we’ve seen and learnt should come into play

We must be ready to take the bull by the horns.

Attempt to change all even if it costs us our lives

If this were a movie we’d break down in tears.

It’s harsh reality so I wonder what we should do.

This I know for sure:

In times to come, the battle will get ugly.

A choice will be made between fight and flight.

You who are strong kit up for a fierce battle.

You who are weak all I can tell you is “all that avails is flight”

Somehow, one day stories will be told of these times.

What we do now depends on how the stories will be narrated.

In our hands lie our destiny.

By Oreoluwa Aboluwarin.


About oreoluwade

At the peak of the pyramid of knowledge, the truth is always superimposed. In essence, if you seek the truth, follow knowledge to wherever it leads

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