A brand new day!

Birds-a-chirping, Flowers-a-blooming

People-a-chattering, cockerels-a-crowing

Sunlight-a-filtering, the dew-a-drizzling

The Sun gently rising

The moon gradually retreating

He woke, his intentions devilish

She woke, her musings pretty

Their essence seperated by distance

Their destinies unattached as far as space was concerned

He went out on a mission

She departed by virtue of a vision

Aimlessly through the day he roamed

Causing commotion wherever he did go

Purposefully her activities she executed

Leaving in her wake a trail of good deeds

Night fell yet he pranced and prowled

Wandering through all the dangerous alleys

She set for home a tad too late

Flinched everytime at the sight of haunting shadows

The rains they came all of a sudden

Beating angrily like demons let loose

From left to right there was no cover

She ducked, she dove, no respite yet still

She stopped at a shed panting furiously

Thought she was alone but then heard a sigh

Looked behind, it was occupied by another

He had been beaten too but offered a smile

The streets were deserted, the rains deafening

She had a feeling uncanny and wanted to flee

A look at the torrents, she had to stay

He drove his fingers through his hair

Sipped a drink, another sigh

The rains poured yet, surely no going home

He fell and shivered, she rushed to rescue

With her shawl innocently she did wrap him

He grabbed and drew her closer

Planted his lips on hers brashly

Terrified she screamed, he wouldn’t let go

She kicked, she bit, he held still, a wry smile

Sounds muffled she knew she was in trouble

She wanted to flee, his strength boundless

He got on top and slapped her twice

Her legs he parted with his strong hind-limbs

She fought the tears and bit her lips

Her clothes he tore, eyes gleaming with devilish passion

Nature was cruel, no one to the rescue

He plunged and thrusted, she cried and moaned

A dog barked from afar, wagged its tail in displeasure.

He lay back well spent

She curled up, couldn’t vent

He slept soundly, she sobbed loudly

The downpour yet heavy, he slumbered

Down her face the tears flowed freely

A beep, a crow, it soon was dawn

She stood to leave, he stirred not still



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About oreoluwade

At the peak of the pyramid of knowledge, the truth is always superimposed. In essence, if you seek the truth, follow knowledge to wherever it leads

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