Our sensibilities were insulted, our favourite shows interrupted even News was delayed just to air ridiculous and frivolous campaign, manifesto and eletion ads and jingles last year. Now, elections have come and gone. Cases of rigging and falsifications were reported. Many boldly or some reluctantly claim they “misvoted” -they brought their voting power to the level of sentiments and emotion. Many aggrieved persons and parties still incorporate and maintain “election tribunal” in their vocab.

My candid and unfeigned question is;
“Why do we remain in a state of denial, deceiving ourselves and believing that a dynamic leader will be our salvation?”
For over 50years, like the tribes of Israel, we’ve wondered through the wilderness of despair. Experimenting with various gods – forms of government. We’ve haboured misguided expectations, placing our hopes in mere selfish, perishing mortals. With all due respect, I ask “where is Awolowo? Murtala Mohammed? Buhari? Abiola? I thought they bore semblance with the “messiah” we sought.

Everyday we gather at different nooks and crannies of the country to pray. At different levels of government, typical and predictable conferences and summits are planned…”all nah to chop money”. Nigeria is on the brink of a great disaster but something in me still assures me of a better Nigeria or rather the artificial geographical composition christened Nigeria. They must be the supernatural hand that kept her during the Civil War 1967-1970. Those Hands are very much alive and active in the affairs of men. Abacha and Adedibu can testify. They know better.

We need to consciously bear in mind that the Niger Delta Crisis, Independence Day bomb blast, Boko Haram insurgency, Jos Crisis…magnify and bring to fore the severity of problems Nigerians face eachday. Falling or better stated, fallen educational system, unemployment, hunger and starvation, social stratification, inaccessibility to quality healthcare, on and on the list goes. The future is seeminly bleak, sombre and cheerless for generation next. If you are not connected or self-motivated, crime is so tempting and appealing.

We all ask; “where are the Martin Luther Kings, the Rosa Parks, the Malcolm Little, Kwame Nkrumahs, Nelson Mandelas of Nigeria? Maybe you are still asking, the Awos, Ziks, Felas of this generation? You all can wait for them, they are the saviours you need! But I, Oyinakansola will wait no longer. With the Word of God in my heart, mouth and “ACTIONS”, I will create my future and that of coming generations. Everybody knows the problems of the world- Nigeria especially, are numerous. But the wise man knows he can’t solve all still he knows which to unravel.

The Church needs to step in NOW! In “US” lies the power to transform and effect changes in our hoods, estates, communities, LGs, States and the Nation at large. This is not the time to “have a dream” or “take a seat”. This is the time to act. I’m ready and on the move. I’m certain we’ll achieve greater feats, cover more grounds if WE have more brave men and women who are ready to roll up their sleeves. We are the light of the WORLD not the Church! There is a world outside the walls of the Church, waiting to be subdued, tamed and impacted. One with God is majority; number need not make might. Just do what you can do and pass on the baton. Change is not an event rather it is a process.



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About oreoluwade

At the peak of the pyramid of knowledge, the truth is always superimposed. In essence, if you seek the truth, follow knowledge to wherever it leads

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