Speak to me no more!

Hold your tongue lest you be cursed

Make haste to flee from my presence

Be sure your shadow follows as you leave.

These ears your pleas fall on have been deafened by grief

These eyes that see your tears are swollen with sorrow

This body that craved your warmth no longer is stirred by your essence

This heart that once was filled with love for you is broken in a thousand pieces

For years, your luscious lips I painfully resisted

Your sumptuous body tortured me in ways I cannot begin to describe

This is why your betrayal hurts more than death

Your deception burns more than being skinned alive

I’m moved by you no more

Your very appearance repulses me.

You make me sick to the very core

I loved you, I really did

I would have given my body to be burned for you

I would have given my heart in a heartbeat

Yet while I waited all those years

While I prided myself on the prospects of ‘meeting you at home’

You already had been thoroughly blemished

And so cunningly, you deceived me with your false piety.

The wind has blown and the chicken’s anus has sure been exposed

The leg sticks out of the corpse you buried in secret.

Hear the solemn dirge amidst the drums and cymblas just outside this door

Pick your sandals, wear your clothes and swiftly be gone

For when I produce this unstained piece of cloth outside this wooden portal

All that will fall on you will be anger and rancour

Life as you know it will swiftly be forgotten.

My sympathy for you yet remains but a teeny bit

Off you go NENE lest my mind I change.

Beyond the mountains, valleys and waters

I wish not to set my eyes upon you in this life again.

Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

Dedicated to virgins and non-virgins alike in the world all over. 🙂



Hello there!

Last time out we discussed a very important subject involving ‘thinking.’ We considered how the speed of acting on the produce of the mind develops our capacity for relevance.

Today, we will briefly broach a closely related subject: “STARTING FROM WHERE YOU ARE.”

It is common knowledge that the time it takes to attain the pinnacle of achievements or create something worthwhile differs from person to person. This assertion is supported by the ‘different strokes for different folks’ maxim. In essence, each individual has a specific starting point, a platform upon which he must build. As such, it lies upon each person to discover what he can build on and start from there.

History is littered with stories of people who made something of themselves out of an apparent surrounding of NOTHING! Some of these people delved into disciplines they liked from afar but weren’t at the time of starting quite proficient in, some others were old in body but not in spirit at the time of their breakthroughs.

Perhaps our parents didn’t exactly give us the freedom of making a perfect choice of what is in line with our competencies and dreams. Perhaps our prevailing conditions are not palatable enough to make us embark on some extravagant campaign. Perhaps our finances are not fat enough to make us decide to make some stellar investments or stow away some considerable savings. Perhaps our levels of experience remains too shallow for us to be the perfect peg for the hole we desire to fit into . . . Should these things deter us? By no means! In truth, if we let them, then we’re finished even before we are started.

Consider your life a fresh page on which you must write freely on any topic. Make this consideration an ever occuring condition so at every point, you’d be able to identify the things that need be done to stand you out in the crowd.

Believe it or not, you have natural tendencies or at least an affinity for something one way or the other. Your duty is to nurse this desire, fan it into flames. There is no place too little to start. The first step is THINKING of what it is you want to do, the next best step is taking calculated steps and STARTING FROM SOMEWHERE even if it involves volunteer services.

The one who writes himself off because of his inadequacies, or who refuses to take a bold step that will set him on a path of his dreams because of the inconviniences involved will hardly make an headway in any field.

I’ve come across impressive resumes and oppresing LinkedIn profiles in recent times, one thing I consider them to have in common is the fact that the owners started from someplace more basic than one could have imagined. Some of them had to be subjected to ridicule just so they matured from rookies to professionals.

You most definitely aren’t too young or too old to start something that moves you a step closer to stardom. The key is realizing you want to be a force of nature, investigating the fields you can most be relevant in and taking steps to ensure you become adept at tasks in line with those fields.

Always remember, you start with what is in your hand and work onwards from there.

The future is not set, we are what we make of ourselves.

Cultivate a winning mentality, develop the learning spirit of a precocious child.

See you on top.


Oreoluwa Aboluwarin


Every invention begins in the mind.

The structures on ground today, the ground breaking discoveries, the high and lofty establishments, the very formidable institutions, laws and guidelines that shape our existence all started in the minds of some people.

What ensured the aforementioned creations are still to be reckoned with is a resolution on the part of those involved to see that their thoughts gave rise to fruitful action. In essence, an idea doesn’t simply yield fruit because it is conceived, it has to be fed and nurtured into full growth. Dreams stay dreams when one doesn’t wake up to act upon them.

The art of thinking at all is a unique one, whatever the thought entails, dark or bright. It can be said that all men think. Yes, this might be true. However, not all men are equipped with the capacity to churn out endless volumes of meaningful thoughts. This is where the amount of information or education one possesses come into play as they shape the mode of one’s thoughts. “Knowledge and acquired insight” is a subject for another day, yet, it must be stated explicitly that those who are committed to devoting themselves to relevants pockets and packets of knowledge will be the likeliest to produce from their scholastic minds, ruminations that will change the face of the world.

While thoughts in their raw form are very important, the frequency of execution or what Boyd refers to as ‘the speed of iteration’ is of utmost importance. (For the sake of being direct, let’s assume we already know who Boyd is. :)) In a world that boasts an incessant exponential growth in human population, it’s only logical that there’s a possibility that every single thought possible to man is being thought of in different places by more persons than one. In essence, whoever, executes his plans or puts his hypotheses to solid experimentation first stands the chance of recognition as well as being given credit for any discovery. His identity becomes attached to what he proposed into existence. This is to suggest that there are more wise old and young heads than you can wrap your imagination around. Hence, whenever a fleeting thought comes to mind, the next speedy sensible thing to do is to determine a course of action, else you’re left in awe at the speed with which another gets the patent for what you think was conceived in your mind alone.

In truth, when you’re not completely sure about how to go about something, the rate at which you take trials and calculated risks should exceed the rate at which you plan endlessly. (See and research Boyd’s law of iteration for further elucidation).

In summary, the mind is the sea of all important discoveries, it is the abyss of incredible innovations. A mind that is stimulated by study, set to purpose by action, encouraged by positive results is a mind that stays relevant. Such a mind is what everyone requires, it is what wise ones desire. The window is short for impact in our momentary existence. As such, one should strive with all one has to ensure one is taking forward strides every now and then in terms of speed and quality of thoughts as well as execution of plans.

The speed of iteration beats how qualitative the actions you take are. Never overstrategize at the expense of acting speedily. My humble self and Boyd happen to share views on this principle. I hope you do too.

Best Regards,

Oreoluwa Aboluwarin


Of all the synonyms I’ve seen for ‘worry,’ BURDEN best puts into perspective what one who is worried can be said to be laden with. And while yet there are descriptive words such as anxiety and apprehension which amplify the negativity of worry, picturing a man groaning under the weight of a burden gives a perfect picture of an unwelcome predicament.

These last few months, I’ve tasked my brain more than I ever have at any point in my life on different ways the future could play out. Perhaps it has to do with a feeling of a huge sense of impending responsibility weighing upon me, perhaps it’s something else. One thing I’ve learnt all through though is that worry never solves a problem. It rather creates another one. It makes you worried about your worry and makes you worry as well about the problems you’re worrying about. In case you got lost for a minute there, my use of the word WORRY that much in the previous sentence was to illustrate a scenario of outwardly growing concentric circles of problems. Imagine being worried about a worry!

I recently discussed a few of my fears with a friend to whom I owe a lot. His pieces of advice and words of encouragement coupled with my residual knowledge helped puts things in perspective. Key that day in all we said was: “Why not take life slowly and take things one step at a time?”

Now, this is something I’ve read and learnt and tell myself on any ordinary day so it wasn’t exactly like I was hearing it for a first time. No! Not at all. However, I believe that somewhere along the line, I had been speaking to myself with my tongue in my cheek. Maybe hearing what we know already from the mouths of others helps in setting the records straight and putting things further into perspective. This could be an explanation for why the talk gave me closure.

In Christendom (The turf I’m very familiar with), the Bible admonishes us in more places than one to steer clear of unnecessary worry as it solves not a problem but only adds another. What better way to put it succinctly than use the example of birds who have not a care in the world but yet have all their needs met just when those needs arise? We believe this world to be here now but in some time not too far from now to be wiped off. Now, if this happens tomorrow, what will become of the worry I would have had today of tomorrow? Goes down the drain? Definitely!

Worry robs us of the pleasures of the moment. It deprives us of the chance to see the beauty in the ongoing life and imparts us with the unwanted ability to see the possibilities of gloom in the future. Successful businessmen see an opportunity and seize it, they never worry to plan before they even know what it is they want. They don’t force a business, they simply enjoy themselves. So if it’s the possibilities ahead your worried about, if it’s the business you know you want to be involved in whose idea has not materialized yet that is weighing you down, I’d say FREE YOURSELF! Enjoy yourself since more often than not, you do not know what God has in store for you.

Continue in what still serves and grows you, what you find you can do easily, what gives you joy and a sense of accomplishment and purpose. The truth is you get your bucks mostly by ‘what is in your hand.’ This is the phenomenon God used in the time of Moses to make His name known in all the land. The staff was all Moses had and that was exactly what his most potent weapon became. Soccer superstar Lionel Messi when quizzed about his successes so far had this to say: “Work becomes play when you do what you love to do.”

I know the topic seems to have changed course. This is due largely to the fact that frankly, the root of all our worries stems from what we want and what we have at hand, hence the broaching of the subject from the ‘purpose’ perspective

Be happy in everything. Life is too short to only experience brief moments of happiness when the bells come jingling. God is bothered about you already. Why do His job for him when you have other things you should be doing? At least if you cannot eat or sleep or work (the other things you have to do), then you praise him fearlessly and carelessly. He does the whole planning after all, then He guides you along the path. All you need to do is to follow.

The good thing about placing all things in the hands of the creator is that he knows the easiest way and as such will lead you along such a path. If however you find difficulty/obstacles along the path you believe Him to have led you, report back to Him and He’d provide another. The irony is He had knowledge of the non-workability of the first route. Sometimes these things are tests for us so as to learn to depend wholly on Him.

We don’t need to be special prophets with dynamic anointing to discern His will. All we need is to give Him the driving seat, to ask Him questions and expect answers. Our relationship with Him should be as that with a being, not with an abstract entity created to make us fear sin. Our teachers have not taught us well. Maybe it’s because they are not all knowing. If they were, they’d have hammered it in since the days of our infancy to learn to trust God unequivocally.

In conclusion, Peter’s INITIAL walk on water is a perfect example of how to live. He simply did let go of everything, blocked out the negativity the winds whispered and the waves roared and let allowed God be in absolute control. A leap of faith, just a leap of faith is what we need to scale through our troubles.

Remember: Worries never solve a thing, they only compound already complex situations.

Stay on top!


The inspiration for this charge is most definitely ascribed to a friend and brother Tolu Oyekanmi; he had the perfect words when I was sinking in my self-created pool of worry. The charge is however dedicated to all who have lost faith in some way in some area of their lives. When there’s life, there’s hope. You know not the future so why worry? Take it one step at a time, one day at a time.


I have always wondered how to make sense out of life. I have made errors, minimal and significant. However, one thing I try to do is learn from everything, become a better person to myself and those I hold dear. I am not the man I set out to be by twenty-five years of age – a quarter of a century gone in my existence – but I certainly am progressing daily. Not the same person today as I was yesterday. Thoughts of achievements and missed chances circled my head severally before my decision to let the ink flow, share from my insight or outlook or whatever it’s called. Below are a few things I wish I knew before I turned twenty-five. Perhaps my life would’ve been much easier, one never can tell:

There’s the popular saying that no man is an island. I know this to be true. There have been times I’ve decided just to switch everyone off, to stop caring about anyone and face my life alone, but I’ve come to realize that just as there is undeniable evil in the world, there is also so much good and it comes when one has the right connections. The people I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded with have lifted me, supported me, counseled me and made my life worth living even in my darkest moments.

It baffles me when people make remarks such as “I don’t like people treating me the way I don’t treat them’ and they get all emotional EVERYTIME they experience the sort of treatment they say they won’t afford another. The truth is if we all acted the same way, life will be boring. It is necessary to be ready to experience different attitudes from different people and tailor our lives likewise, else one would just end up being very miserable unnecessarily. Expect people to want to make decisions for you, expect them to hurt you, expect them to love you, expect them to criticize you. It is left to you to decide how much influence you give them and how their actions and reactions affect you.

I personally consider it absolute folly not to make considerations of things turning out a bit differently from how you want them to or how you expect them to. While it is necessary to have a positive attitude, a hopeful nature, it is doubly important to have backup plans, to prepare for situations that are less than palatable, to construct worst-case scenarios in your mind’s eye so as not to be overly shaken in the case that sudden aberrations occur in your normally planned out life.

The people who experience no miracles, who encounter no surprises are the ones who have a fixed mind on any and everything, they are the ones who are extremely calculative and do not expect shifts from the normal way they see things. You will discover that you get more from people you least expect from, that you’d get more from situations that before seemed straightforward when you learn to give the benefit of a doubt, when you learn to give everything and everyone a chance. Some people have mindsets against people such that they never even get close to them talk less of allowing their lives to rub off on each other.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “a long way.” Maybe I should say the values you have determines everything about you most especially because it will influence the kinds of goals you have, the friends you surround yourself with, the level of compromise you give in situations, your mien and attitude in general. Your values will determine whether you respond or react to wrongs and challenges, they will determine your distinction of good and evil and the impact you have in the lives of those around you. Values will determine how people see you and what they should expect of you. It will determine what they suggest to you and what they simply take past you. In essence, a well defined value system ensures that instances of complications in your relationships are reduced to the very barest minimum.

If everything remained the same, there won’t be a need for work, there won’t be a need for education, there won’t be anything like relationships. The fact that the winds of change blow often ensures that things get better or worse, the fact that people change ensures that we have to get better on all fronts so as not to remain stagnant in life. So don’t let the differences you see all around everyday affect you, let them challenge you, spur you on to greater things. Embrace the transformation around you and take proactive steps to fit seamlessly into the inevitable alterations. Believe me, you’d love yourself for it and people will appreciate you for your unprejudiced approach to life.

History is littered with those who have excelled in their chosen fields. The future still will be cluttered with those who against all odds ensure they come out on top of their less-than-perfect situations. The ‘now’ is ours for the taking, hence, it is necessary with all we have to make the most of it, to utilize our strengths and skills in the best way possible, to be proactive, to carve out the future we want, to take time by the horns, to strive with no one but ourselves to ensure we are better than we were yesterday. The future is jumbled with endless possibilities, our self-belief and motivation are the things that would have made our lives satisfactory when finally we come to the end.

Before we know it, time passes us by and life is snuffed out of our bodies. It is necessary to learn lessons as we go along so as to make our lives worth living. The future is not set, we are what we make of it. Live as best as you can and live a life that’ll be worthy of adulation.




I will not patronize you with stories I know nothing about?

I will not make an attempt to show my historical prowress with a compiled comprehensive analysis of the story so far

I will not lay claim to being bitter to the point where I rend my clothes and bite the dust

Nor will I pretend to have mustered all the strength within, ready to lay down my life for the cause or vehemently take the battle to the gates.

The little I know of how things got this bad I’ll say.

The sorrow that engulfs my heart I’d relay.

As the candles are burning low in light and darkness

And the flag is flown at half-mast

I wonder how long it will take for justice to prevail

I wonder whether order will ever spring from this chaos.

Carelessness and complacency many a life has claimed

Violence the equivalent of a generation has wiped out.

Corruption I’m tired of speaking about.

From the moment of my advent into this world I’ve known the road to be rough

Trust me, through the years I’ve seen no respite

Yet we console ourselves with “e-go-better”

The smile and grin never departs from our suffering faces.

We’ve been trodden upon and yet are quiet.

We’ve been mishandled, manhandled and mismanaged yet we fly below the radar

There’ve been moments we’ve stood in defiance

But of course cold water poured on our resolve almost always

In greed our leaders have prevailed

Set themselves upon high places, ruling in oppresion.

The saliva has dried from our lips and our voices are gone

The strength to fight a thing no more

In all these things I try to make sense

Unfairly calamity prevails and yet life must go on.

The good, the bad, the ugly have dominated us

We’ve sighed, we’ve moaned, we’ve crumbled under the burden

Affliction has unified us various times

Ethnicity threatened to tear us apart other times.

Where did it all wrong?

Or perhaps nothing has ever been right

All my life I’ve know intelligence to translate to creativity

Now all I see is devilish intelligence corresponding to stupendous inneficiency and gross incompetence

How can I even begin to explain these things?

Whom shall I share these burdens with?

If I mention names, my pen will run dry

I’d sleep and wake, a fortnight the stories not exhausted.

Ask yourself if truly you believe the solution can be found in supplication

Wait a minute!

In all these things some spew nonsense from their lips

Unbelievable words against the dead

Their deluded beings portraying a macabre sense of humor

Our priorities are forcefully changed by oppressors in high places

Our paradigms shifted to adjust to the harsh dictates of the times

Scams, loots, incredible debacles pollute the atmosphere

Yet they are waved aside incessantly by some deluded fiend

Unspoken of, unmentioned by unworthy rulers.

All is wrong! I dare you to refute my claim.

Daily I hear we should act yet I wonder how.

The channels to effect changes are clogged by the powers that be

No end in sight to their evil dynasties.

Demons are positioned to rebuff a new lease of life

Make no mistake, these demons walk amongst us.

There’s been time for planning and plotting.

There’s been time for praying and fasting.

There’s been time for electing and choosing.

Yet they’ve failed in ways that’d make even the prince of the world proud, nod his head in satisfaction.

There’s much more to be said

My heart sheds a silent tear

For those that have fallen in this battle

As far as I know there’s no singe solution

All we’ve seen and learnt should come into play

We must be ready to take the bull by the horns.

Attempt to change all even if it costs us our lives

If this were a movie we’d break down in tears.

It’s harsh reality so I wonder what we should do.

This I know for sure:

In times to come, the battle will get ugly.

A choice will be made between fight and flight.

You who are strong kit up for a fierce battle.

You who are weak all I can tell you is “all that avails is flight”

Somehow, one day stories will be told of these times.

What we do now depends on how the stories will be narrated.

In our hands lie our destiny.

By Oreoluwa Aboluwarin.


Please note that the next few lines you’d read is not to assume I’m a perfect being or I don’t make the occasional mistakes mortals make or that all my thoughts and actions are the best possible in any given situation, in fact if anything, I am an epitome of imperfection. And of course as a mini-nerd, there’s always a tendency to err occasionally, say the wrong things especially to beings of the opposite sex. One thing I try to do though is to learn from every man as well as to learn from situations and from my past experiences.

The fact that our world is filled with intellectuals and mediocre alike has resulted in the inevitable fact that there’d be clash of opinions and ideas on sometimes relevant issues and sometimes on completely pointless/needless scenarios.

How to manage these situations goes a long way in determining how we’d be treated and rated in future circumstances. I pride myself on developing healthy relationships with people all around me, of course in my frequent moments of madness I say the things that cannot be taken back. Funnily these things may be true but the way in putting them I seem to get wrong in certain critical moments thereby putting strains on relationships I’d rather not do without.

What continues to elude me is that perfect response, that word or sentence fitly spoken akin to an apple of gold in a silvery saucer. Well before I trail off and disclose all you need to know about me in one day, let me focus on what I actually want to base this musing on: the importance of solid relationships.

Having read numerous books on how to deal with humans, been in the field for the better part of twenty four years, I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely going to have a take or two on the subject matter. Relationships one way or the other make or mar us, no matter how intelligent or successful we get, we always get to that point where reflections of our impact on people are the things we hold on to, they are the things that keep us going, make us sleep at night and give us the hope that a time will come when these seeds sown will yield in the manner in which they’ve been sown.

Anyone who has served in Nigeria with the National Youth Service Corps Scheme will agree with me that community development sessions can tend to be fun as well as tend to be an avenue to learn a thing or two that will stand one in good stead in life. So it was that after numerous weeks of jokes and disturbances and irrelevant/snide remarks by members of my CDs group, the time came for the elections and the character each contestant had built over time had to spring him to the position he wanted or bring him down, humbled beyond all expectations. I watched a lady’s political career at least for the moment take an irreparable hit. She finished her manifesto and the words of her assailant stung everyone’s ears: “I’m sorry to say, ever since I’ve known you, I’ve noticed you lack proper communication skills, you don’t know how to talk!” yeah! I know the English specialist reading this will criticize the latter part of that, wonder if she babbles or is mute for “not knowing how to talk.” I won’t argue with you. I guess all the assailant was intent on communicating was the fact that she lacked the know-how of how to address people politely.

Needless to say, she lost the election gallantly as she fought the tears back. Well, I believe her detractor was rather harsh in making that point in public despite not having called her to order before, perhaps to one corner if she’d offended her personally before. Bottom line though is that our little actions every moment, each day have a way in catching up with us. I’m not always unduly surprised when things happen to me good or bad or when someone treats me in one way or the other. It all boils down to how I’ve portrayed myself in the past.

My simple message is to watch your thoughts and actions. The numerous “eyes of witnesses” peering at us every second, some cheering us to victory, some others checking for our errors are certainly part of those things. Watch how you relate with others and at the same time ensure your moment of anger or weakness does not lead you to do or say things that could have a lasting and damaging effect. Trust me, it’s much easier to tear a thing apart than it is to build it.

So, I’ve learnt to say the things I say only when absolutely necessary because truly, most of what elevates or downgrades us is found in what we say.

Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open. – Elmer G Letterman

A TWIST OF FATE ( Part 1 )

A brand new day!

Birds-a-chirping, Flowers-a-blooming

People-a-chattering, cockerels-a-crowing

Sunlight-a-filtering, the dew-a-drizzling

The Sun gently rising

The moon gradually retreating

He woke, his intentions devilish

She woke, her musings pretty

Their essence seperated by distance

Their destinies unattached as far as space was concerned

He went out on a mission

She departed by virtue of a vision

Aimlessly through the day he roamed

Causing commotion wherever he did go

Purposefully her activities she executed

Leaving in her wake a trail of good deeds

Night fell yet he pranced and prowled

Wandering through all the dangerous alleys

She set for home a tad too late

Flinched everytime at the sight of haunting shadows

The rains they came all of a sudden

Beating angrily like demons let loose

From left to right there was no cover

She ducked, she dove, no respite yet still

She stopped at a shed panting furiously

Thought she was alone but then heard a sigh

Looked behind, it was occupied by another

He had been beaten too but offered a smile

The streets were deserted, the rains deafening

She had a feeling uncanny and wanted to flee

A look at the torrents, she had to stay

He drove his fingers through his hair

Sipped a drink, another sigh

The rains poured yet, surely no going home

He fell and shivered, she rushed to rescue

With her shawl innocently she did wrap him

He grabbed and drew her closer

Planted his lips on hers brashly

Terrified she screamed, he wouldn’t let go

She kicked, she bit, he held still, a wry smile

Sounds muffled she knew she was in trouble

She wanted to flee, his strength boundless

He got on top and slapped her twice

Her legs he parted with his strong hind-limbs

She fought the tears and bit her lips

Her clothes he tore, eyes gleaming with devilish passion

Nature was cruel, no one to the rescue

He plunged and thrusted, she cried and moaned

A dog barked from afar, wagged its tail in displeasure.

He lay back well spent

She curled up, couldn’t vent

He slept soundly, she sobbed loudly

The downpour yet heavy, he slumbered

Down her face the tears flowed freely

A beep, a crow, it soon was dawn

She stood to leave, he stirred not still



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Our sensibilities were insulted, our favourite shows interrupted even News was delayed just to air ridiculous and frivolous campaign, manifesto and eletion ads and jingles last year. Now, elections have come and gone. Cases of rigging and falsifications were reported. Many boldly or some reluctantly claim they “misvoted” -they brought their voting power to the level of sentiments and emotion. Many aggrieved persons and parties still incorporate and maintain “election tribunal” in their vocab.

My candid and unfeigned question is;
“Why do we remain in a state of denial, deceiving ourselves and believing that a dynamic leader will be our salvation?”
For over 50years, like the tribes of Israel, we’ve wondered through the wilderness of despair. Experimenting with various gods – forms of government. We’ve haboured misguided expectations, placing our hopes in mere selfish, perishing mortals. With all due respect, I ask “where is Awolowo? Murtala Mohammed? Buhari? Abiola? I thought they bore semblance with the “messiah” we sought.

Everyday we gather at different nooks and crannies of the country to pray. At different levels of government, typical and predictable conferences and summits are planned…”all nah to chop money”. Nigeria is on the brink of a great disaster but something in me still assures me of a better Nigeria or rather the artificial geographical composition christened Nigeria. They must be the supernatural hand that kept her during the Civil War 1967-1970. Those Hands are very much alive and active in the affairs of men. Abacha and Adedibu can testify. They know better.

We need to consciously bear in mind that the Niger Delta Crisis, Independence Day bomb blast, Boko Haram insurgency, Jos Crisis…magnify and bring to fore the severity of problems Nigerians face eachday. Falling or better stated, fallen educational system, unemployment, hunger and starvation, social stratification, inaccessibility to quality healthcare, on and on the list goes. The future is seeminly bleak, sombre and cheerless for generation next. If you are not connected or self-motivated, crime is so tempting and appealing.

We all ask; “where are the Martin Luther Kings, the Rosa Parks, the Malcolm Little, Kwame Nkrumahs, Nelson Mandelas of Nigeria? Maybe you are still asking, the Awos, Ziks, Felas of this generation? You all can wait for them, they are the saviours you need! But I, Oyinakansola will wait no longer. With the Word of God in my heart, mouth and “ACTIONS”, I will create my future and that of coming generations. Everybody knows the problems of the world- Nigeria especially, are numerous. But the wise man knows he can’t solve all still he knows which to unravel.

The Church needs to step in NOW! In “US” lies the power to transform and effect changes in our hoods, estates, communities, LGs, States and the Nation at large. This is not the time to “have a dream” or “take a seat”. This is the time to act. I’m ready and on the move. I’m certain we’ll achieve greater feats, cover more grounds if WE have more brave men and women who are ready to roll up their sleeves. We are the light of the WORLD not the Church! There is a world outside the walls of the Church, waiting to be subdued, tamed and impacted. One with God is majority; number need not make might. Just do what you can do and pass on the baton. Change is not an event rather it is a process.



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They say you never really know what you have until you’ve it. Now that’s veracity! We pass through times and situations, we moan and sigh and can’t wait to leave especially when we experience certain difficulties but when the time comes to forge ahead, we are filled with a certain kind of sadness of what we’re leaving behind. Not the terrible kind of sadness though, it’s called nostalgia. So I’m sitting in my room, thinking about my beloved Alma Mata OAU ILE-IFE and I stumble upon this beautiful piece by a friend and brother which I’ve read time and again. Well, at least it gives me the opportunity to reflect back on the times. It’s a precise and on-point summary of what really I miss. I hope you do Enjoy it like I did especially OAU old students and for other categories of people, no beefs please . . .


I miss the bats shrilling innocently from the disturbances and gunshots from the local guns of the ife hunters.

I miss the bold edifices speaking of their architectural intensity and structural finesse.

I miss the camaraderie of students frolicking at every walkway, at every rest place, at every meeting place.

I miss the employment edge garnered and the tremendous opportunities, privileges and rights enjoyed as a student.

I miss the environment, the feeling of importance it instills in oneself.

I miss ‘town’ and the exciting atmosphere from its student-littered embellishment.

I miss the monthly allowances. I miss the student union and the air of activism it carries with itself.

I miss the pretty girls and their attractive fashion lifestyles. I miss the rich boys and their generous way of life.

I miss the bookworms at their usual reading places studying persistently for long hours.

I miss the sight of lovebirds at their nests chatting intimately in low tones and inaudible volumes.

I miss the Anglo-moz car park and its ever-buzzing nocturne from the musical displays and from the frolic of socialites.

I miss New Buka and its nocturnal amusement and liveliness. I miss the ‘free browsers’ at ‘English’ and Social sciences cramping themselves within every available inch of signal-reach.

I miss the elegant ‘Black and White’ Law students and their flamboyant parades. I miss the corporately dressed Medical students and their decent, want-to-be-distinguished, condescendingly proud portrayal of intellect and distinct state of mind.

I miss strolling ostensibly at 3 a.m. with dancehall music blaring from my earphones.

I miss the night lights at the senate building mixing perfectly with the lights from the library, from the Amphi-theatre and from the streetlights to paint a perfect picture.

I miss the swarm of fresh students moving to and fro the Academics with naiveté and restlessness beaming on their young faces.

I miss the Awoites taunting and wailing at the blushing girls and at the unfazed dames.

I miss the enlightening and fact-boiled arguments at the newspaper stands and at the Awolowo and Fajuyi Hall notice boards.

I miss the vociferous and the silently-engulfed prayer warriors at the sports centre in the late afternoons and at every open space in the hostels in the early hours of a new day.

I miss the crowd of students pouring from their halls of residence to Academics in the morning and in the evening.

I miss reading the comic and sometimes controversial graffiti on the doors of restrooms, on reading rooms demarcations, on lecture furniture and on the café tables.

I miss the megaphone-modified muezzin musical call for prayers and the subsequent converging sight of enduringly passionate Muslims from all corners to the mosques and improvised prayer places.

I miss the stark, impossibly-hilarious, jovial Awoites demonstrating near-insanity, singing oddly-creative bawdy a cappella – sometimes supported by drumbeats on special occasions as a gatecrash to a concert – in fortissimo and exchanging light-hearted jibes and insults causing their audience to laugh touchingly uninhibited, even in retrospect.

I miss the political atmosphere that envelopes the air just before, during and after a political debate, a parliamentary sitting, a student union decision or election and the handwriting of socioeconomic responsibility, righteousness and conscientiousness that is written all over them.

I miss the natural beauty that oozes from the ornamentals, from the trees and from the mountain. I miss The Primers, their breakthrough-coherence, their near-frictionless fitting and their God-sent understanding of each other.

I miss the most beautiful campus and the total ideality – a smokescreen of the realities and trueness of the Nigerian situation – it conforms to so as to dole out a regular dose of satisfaction and enjoyment, every now and then.

I miss Obafemi Awolowo University. I miss my alma-mater


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